Room Additions

Add Living Spaces

Sometimes a customer’s vision will require an addition to accommodate their home remodeling design. There are several reasons to include an addition, as opposed to keeping the remodel contained into the existing footprint.

  1. You may simply not have the physical room necessary for that new dream kitchen or room you desire.
  2. You have run out of room in your existing home, but still enjoy your neighborhood and adding an addition is usually cheaper than moving into a larger home. Remodeling, although disruptive, can be less stressful than moving, especially if you have children when relocating would require them to change schools.
  3. Depending on your neighborhood, the time you plan on staying in your home and the amount you invest in the remodel; you will get a higher price when you eventually sell.

A room addition can make your home exactly the way you want it whether it’s a new home office, library, kitchen, great room or even a new suite for aging parents. Make sure that any remodel or addition flows with the home’s scale and design. When finished, the renovation should look like a part of the original design.

The Aloha addition, shown below, was for a customer that wanted a larger kitchen. There was simply no way to accommodate the size and features she desired without adding 10 feet to the rear of the home. We also took out interior walls and added engineered beams to make a large “great” room. Notice in the one picture that we kept the sink and dishwasher in service to reduce the strain on the family. We try to make remodels as convenient as possible for our patrons. In the Beaverton Addition, we turned an “L” shaped home into a “U” shaped home, which created a courtyard in the middle. This customer wanted more space for their young children to play and the new space accomplished just that by creating a bonus and mud room!

No matter how big or small your addition ends up being it will improve your homes living space, value and is much less straining than you might believe.

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