Kitchen Remodel Projects

Kitchen Remodeling – Simple to Gourmet

There are so many questions when tackling a kitchen remodel. We want to make sure we make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • The first thing you want to consider is “Do I/we have enough budget to do what I/we want to do”? The main reason we ask this early in the process is 80% of the time when we do our initial in home consultation with the home owners they may not have a realistic idea of what a kitchen remodel will cost. It’s usually a minimum of $20K for a minor upgrade while an upper end kitchen with walls being removed and even adding an addition may be over $200K or more depending on the materials used. The 2013 cost vs. value report for a major kitchen remodel in Portland is $60,865. If you have this type of budget we’ll give you a rough estimate of what your dream kitchen will cost and we can usually work around most budgets.
  • If at this time we can work together, we’ll go into a design/review phase (see our process). During this part of the process we finalize the design and create allowances and specify material selections.
  • For larger kitchen remodels with intricate designs we may suggest bringing in an interior designer that makes this process much simpler. Throughout the demo phase we realize how important a kitchen is for a family to operate so we try to make it as convenient as possible and keep your kitchen functional until it’s necessary to take out appliances. You should’nt be without an operating kitchen for any longer than necessary unless it’s part of a much larger remodel.

The Hillsboro kitchen was very small and had two small doorways. We opened up the entire area with new beams and created a much larger feeling area. The simple Portland kitchen was just an upgrade with new cabinets and countertops while keeping the existing appliances. The Lincoln City kitchen was part of a larger renovation and was nominated in a national award category of kitchens over $100K. The SE Portland and Warren kitchens were both 80’s style kitchens with dropped soffits. We removed these creating a larger area and eliminated some of the hanging cabinets while adding base cabinets for storage.

We love seeing the satisfaction on the customer’s faces when they realize that their dreams and vision have come true!

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