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Interior Remodeling – Interior Design

Interior remodeling cannot always be seen from the curb, but adds value to your home. These renovations can be as simple as adding crown molding to high ceilings, painting accent walls, changing fabrics, window coverings or other furnishings. Conversely, they can be as elaborate as changing the layout and design of any or all rooms to accommodate a customer’s own needs and taste.

For larger interior remodels, where a lot of hard surfaces and textures are used, we recommend bringing in an interior designer*. They can coordinate colors and hard surfaces so everything flows. The design board below shows the various colors, textures, and hard surfaces the designer gave to the customer for final selections. Most of the major rooms are covered in our portfolio, but we also like to showcase those rooms that don’t always get the attention they deserve or are unique.

The Newberg office remodel was a space located in the customer’s garage and was very dark and dank. They wanted a new office, one that was warmer and full of light. Their budget was tight, so we used inexpensive laminate flooring over the concrete, a Cadet space heater and modern doors and trim. This created a modern space complete with inviting and warm colors.

The Hot Tub Solarium Addition provided bright natural lighting to create a relaxing sanctuary for viewing the ocean. With the whitewashed bead board pine and custom millwork, we created an area that was truly an oasis. When the customer saw the difference between their completed upstairs and older downstairs, they decided to continue the same treatments downstairs where we added new trim, doors, paint, hardwoods and updated the light fixtures.

Any room in a home can be improved with a modern updated look. Simply changing colors, adding new fixtures, hardwoods, changing walls or any other combination can enhance a home’s appearance and can add to resale.

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