Dining Room Remodel Projects

Dining Room Remodels – Basic to Elegant

Dining rooms are simple spaces that are usually part of or next to the kitchen. A dining room is mainly used for eating and though it may not be used all the time, it’s great for entertaining. Formal and non formal dining rooms usually have a table as the focal point and a large chandelier or custom light typically reinforces to that focus.

The Hillsboro remodel shown below includes both a kitchen and dining room remodel. This 70’s style kitchen/dining room was tiny and outdated. We opened up the walls going into both areas which made both rooms appear larger. This dining room was part of one of our custom homes, but showcases our work and shows some other examples of both formal and none formal dining areas.The Lincoln City remodel, also included in the slideshow, was part of a large renovation where we changed the layout and updated all rooms for a modern look. We created built-in seating around the table for the customer’s larger extended family.

When we take rooms down to framing it makes it easier for plumbing and electrical to add their systems. During the Lincoln City remodel we found several structural issues and water damage that we were able to help the customer address before they caused severe damage in the future.

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