Decks – Extensions of Living Space

Decks are an extension of our indoor livings spaces. Whether they are concrete, pavers, wood, composite a combination of these or some other type of material, how they look and perform is to each one’s own preference. They can be as simple as a small area to sit a chair and barbecue or a multi-level deck with different areas to entertain. They can have built in seating, storage or a covered area with a pergola or gazebo that can be enclosed.

Outdoor kitchens are very popular and can be incorporated into the deck and covered areas. One thing to note here is that code requires a railing on any deck above 30 inches and if any weight is to be put on the deck such as a hot tub or used as a party deck then engineering needs to be done. There are decks that collapse each year because they were not built correctly or engineered for added weight.

Decks are often put on after a home is built and most times permits are not pulled which means they may not be constructed correctly with the proper flashing and ledger connections. Deck building is not complicated but if done wrong they can be unsafe or allow water to enter the structure causing damage. Make sure that you adhere to the proper codes and get permits when installing one that requires a railing, has an attached roof or needs engineering due to weight distribution.

We think people lose sight of how important workmanship and quality is now. You can tell the difference between stepping on a deck built correctly and one that is not. We always try and build above minimum code like adding more joists and closer spaced beams to strengthen the structure. Notice on the pictures below that although we use pressure treated wood for all framing we also use stainless steel fasteners so that they never rust. We also use a special end cut solution on all of the cut beams, posts, joists and especially stair stringers to keep increase the life of your newest home investment.

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