Custom Staircases & Railings

Custom Staircases & Railings – Simple to Ornate

When a remodeling project involves a staircase a lot of thought has to be put into the design and configuration. We have to consider:

  • rise and run, of course
  • several building codes that must be adhered to

When a home is originally constructed a staircase can be built into the design, but if changed during a remodel care has to be taken to assure that everything is completed properly. When a new staircase is added or reconfigured, different flooring materials constitute diverse thicknesses so it becomes a process to make everything fit back together perfectly. A mundane staircase can become the center of focus when properly designed and installed.

Custom made staircases and railings, on the other hand, not only provide enhanced safety, but add decoration and flair. There are numerous options to consider when installing a staircase, only a few are shown below. After codes are addressed, almost anything is possible when it comes to custom staircases. Modern designs range from traditional to contemporary, and can be made with wood or metal. However, staircases take a fair amount of time to accurately estimate the cost and construct. This would include:

  • different configurations
  • carpeted treads
  • solid wood treads and risers
  • painted risers
  • balustrade configuration
  • solid stained wood skirt
  • painted skirts

Whether your dream staircase is straight, curved, spiral, switch back or any other configuration, if you can dream, it’s likely we can build it.

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