Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Kitchen remodeling in itself has lots of topics whether it’s the flooring, appliances, countertops, lighting and plumbing fixtures and each can be written in detail. Kitchen cabinets however are usually the main focal point in the room and can be the costliest part of a kitchen remodel.

We use a couple different custom cabinet companies as our preferred suppliers. Don’t mistake the word custom for higher priced. Custom merely means that the cabinets are made to exact specifications whereas stock cabinets are usually made in 3 inch increments creating a lot of wasted space. There are quality custom cabinets at every price point. Lastly, most people want upgraded options on their cabinetry and you pay extra on stock cabinets where these features are usually included on custom cabinets.

Picking out cabinets can be a daunting task. There are at least ten different standard wood species and hundreds of different door styles and stain colors to choose from. For a kitchen remodel that will fit the customer’s vision and style it is crucial to have an experienced team that includes a reputable designer, contractor and cabinet installer working close together. Simple design ideas are:

  • darker cabinets, lighter flooring and a matching countertop
  • lighter cabinets, darker flooring and matching countertops

However, it’s ultimately up to the customer on what their needs and final design is. Islands can be the same color as the main cabinets or can be color matched with accent colors. The pictures below indicate different styles, colors, countertops and configurations from modern to contemporary.

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