Custom Installations – Aging in Place or ADA

Custom ADA Installations

ADA installations are getting very common now that baby boomers are coming to age, but can benefit any number of people with disabilities or physical limitations. The NAHB designates this as CAPS or a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, but it has other names and meanings. When we hear the term aging in place, we think of being able to spend the golden years in the comfort of our own home as opposed to a health care or rehabilitation facility. However if you’ve ever been hospitalized for any number of things that required a wheelchair or crutches you will soon find out that these changes to a home will make your life easier now and when you get older. Custom ADA installations can include, but not limited to:

  • ramps
  • chair lifts
  • walk in tubs
  • elevators
  • dumbwaiters
  • flush thresholds
  • curb-less showers
  • wider doors and hallways
  • lower countertops
  • custom pull downs

These installations require additional space and thought when designing, but are easily incorporated into new custom homes or remodels.

This particular dumbwaiter installation was done in a two story home renovation. The customer wanted the ability to take coolers, suitcases, groceries, etc from the car to the dumbwaiter and have the items upstairs near the kitchen without packing all of this up two flights of stairs. Elevators are done in a similar fashion, but require more space and staircases are still required for safety in a fire. We are starting to see the need for more and more of these types of installations and retrofitting.

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