Custom Homes Constructed by Oglesby

Custom Homes

Custom homes are everyone’s dream! They come in three basic configurations each with various budget levels.

First, they can be as simple as using a standard plan from a design firm, such as Mascord Design. You pick the plan and we build it, giving you certain allowances and specifications to choose from. You can select the materials that fit your design and taste, such as paint colors and hardwoods. These are typically what the production builders do, but they may not provide you with as many options.

In the second configuration, you choose one of the same plans, but are allowed to make modifications to suit your needs. For example, you could add on an addition or alter selected dimensions while still maintaining the ability to choose the colors and materials you desire. Some of these changes may already be included, as an optional design, but modifying one of these plans is less expensive than starting from scratch.

In the third configuration; you hire an architect and let your visions run wild to create a truly unique home. When hiring a custom home builder, you should seek someone who takes pride in their workmanship, keeps a clean job site and takes the extra steps necessary to protect your home during construction. Notice in the pictures below, during rough framing, we primed all the exterior sheathing and decking to prevent water damage from occurring before the roof was complete. Such steps, though hidden behind the walls and floors of a finished home, are essential for overall quality.

A commonly asked question is how to choose a custom builder. We recommend:

  • someone who builds less than five homes per year – building a custom home takes time and ample attention to detail.
  • building only one home at a time – if a builder has multiple projects running at the same time, he or she cannot possibly take the time required to ensure every component of your home is being built correctly.
  • pick a builder who will be personally invested in every project – we build and take pride in providing you with the quality home of your dreams.

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