Custom Built In Cabinets

Custom Built In Cabinets

Custom cabinets just like kitchen or bathroom cabinetry gives other rooms their distinct look. These cabinets can be basic to very detailed and elaborate. Some of custom cabinets include:

  • surrounds
  • built-ins around fireplaces
  • closets
  • entertainment centers
  • home media centers
  • bookcases
  • stairway closets

They can either match other cabinets or have their own style and color of the particular room they occupy. Take for instance the custom entertainment center shown below. Although it matches other cabinetry in the home it’s distinctive to this great room and the vision the customer wanted. With custom cabinets such as this we can make them fit any size and shape with no wasted space.

In this project we actually designed custom cabinets around the TV. The customer wanted a large screen TV with at least a 50 inch viewing area. We created an area for the TV that would accommodate any size up to 60 inches. We strengthened this area with double ¾” plywood so we could install an articulated mount that could carry the weight of any size unit. It was prewired for surround sound and all wires run up behind the unit through special chases from the cabinet below which makes a very clean installation with no wires exposed. This particular cabinet was color matched for other color palettes in the room with a whitewashed stain and glaze.

The other cabinets shown below display different configurations, wood species and stain colors. With custom cabinets anything is possible and the cost is very comparable with standard cabinets with updated options.

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